New Lawn Care


Emerald Lawns uses a blend of high quality grass seed. The seed is a special formulation of 4 varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass, which is known for its dark, rich color, fine texture, cold and stress tolerance. The seed also contains two varieties of high quality Rye grass, which is quick growing (germination in 7-10 days), provides traffic tolerance and provides a dark green color. The combination gives a fast growing, excellent color from early spring to late fall, cold resistance and high traffic tolerance. (If wild flowers were seeded, then your care instructions are the same. The only difference is they do not need fertilizer more than one to two times per year.)


A high quality fertilizer should be used on your new lawn about two weeks after it is planted. Using a starter fertilizer will ensure that the proper nutrients are being applied to the grass. A follow up fertilization should be done again in about two to three weeks and then once more at about two weeks from your second application. Make sure you water your grass immediately after the fertilizer is applied to prevent burning your new lawn. Rotors should water about 15 to 45 minutes and spray heads should water about 7 to 15 minutes (Be careful not to wash away the seed). You want about ½ “of water to be applied. It may be a good idea to water for half the time recommended and then re-water 30 minutes later. This will help prevent washing away the seed.

Wind and Erosion

Emerald Lawns may use a tackifier during the seeding process. This product stabilizes the mulch, and helps keep the mulch and seed where it is sprayed. Tackifier is especially effective on slopes and in moderate winds.


A new lawn should be watered 4-6 times each day between the hours of 9 am and 7 p.m. Normally 3 to 7 minutes each watering cycle is sufficient for spray heads, and 7 to 20 minutes for rotor heads. Water should not run or puddle on the lawn. Sufficient water should be used to keep the mulch lightly damp, not wet. Over watering can create problems with a new lawn. Grass seed can easily be washed away, leaving streaks or bare spots in the lawn. Also, over watering can create puddles, therefore creating pools of seed which will leave grass rings in the lawn. Over and under watering is not covered under warranty.

Watch your grass grow

The Rye Grass will begin to germinate in 7-10 days. The grass will grow quickly, bringing color to your lawn. In approximately 21 days, the Kentucky Bluegrass will begin to germinate. At that time, you will see additional grass sprouts filling in between the existing grass. Seed germination will vary depending upon air and soil temperature, soil type and water conditions. If you have poor soil or low nutrients the grass may seem to stop growing until the problem is fixed. Please address this problem as soon as it occurs to prevent excess weed growth.


Do not cut the lawn the first time until the grass is approximately 4” high, then cut the grass to approximately 2 ½ to 3” high. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to cut your lawn the first time. Give the Kentucky Bluegrass time to take hold. All soil contains weed seeds. It is recommended that existing weeds be sprayed, killed and weeds raked off of the ground 3 weeks before hydro-seeding. Then, apply weed killer or rake new weeds as they appear. Weeds will come up after the lawn has been planted. Weeds germinate quicker than grass seed. The hydro-seeding process creates excellent growing conditions for weeds and grass. As the grass becomes established, many weeds cannot survive the grass root system. Those that do remain can be controlled and eliminated as part of a good fertilizing and maintenance program. Ask your garden center to recommend an appropriate weed & feed product. Do not put fertilizer with weed killer in it on your new lawn until it has been mowed at least three times.


Emerald lawns warrants that high quality ingredients are used for the Hydro-seeding process. If the lawn does not establish properly because of product or workmanship, those portions of the lawn that are not growing will be re-seeded. Heavy clay or sandy soils do not create good growing conditions and are not covered under warranty. The warranty is limited to re-seeding that portion of the lawn, which is not growing (hydroseeded or broadcast at our option). Lawn damage due to weather conditions, acts of nature, improper watering and or fertilizing is not covered under warranty. A $25.00 fee will be applied to all returned checks. There is no warranty on installations done before May 15 and after September 15 due to average air and soil temperatures, and this is the dormant season. This seeding is done at your own risk.